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Welcome to Inside the Kitchen Cabinet, a private chef business and food blog, launched by Peter Rappaport. This concept stems from years of cooking food for others, and instead of just talking about spreading the love for food, doing something about it. The recipes shared on this website all shine a light on specific moments in my own life. I hope that together we can create some amazing food memories.

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  • Lamb Meatball Gyro with Grilled Zucchini
    My love for Gyros knows no end. In Los Angeles there are a few places that I love going to for said sandwich; Pita Kitchen, Le Petit Greek, and Georges...
  • Cast Iron Skillet Roasted Chicken
    You know what I love? My cast iron skillet. Don’t have one? Go get one right now (I’m not kidding).  It’s the perfect example of how if you take care...